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Gemeinsam mit dem KLAK Fahrradkino werden Filme zu den Themen der Konferenz gezeigt. Nebenbei wird die Idee hinter dem Projekt - Fahrradkino vorgestellt. Den Strom für die Vorführung produzieren wir selbst. Im Anschluss gibt es Raum für Gespräche mit dem Filmemacher Timo Holthoff.




LEARNING TRANSFORMATION – VOICES FOR ANOTHER EDUCATION (27Min, english) Timo Holthoff / Learn2Change- Global Network of Educational Activists (2015)

The film is about re-imagining education beyond the factory like school systems that colonialism and the monoculture of western modernity spread around the globe: What role does the current education system play in maintaining the destructive economic and social world order? What kind of learning (pluralism) do we need to facilitate a local-global transformation towards social justice and sustainability, re-configuring human beingness on earth? The film is a mosaic of voices, representing different perspectives on decolonial and transformative education, gathered at the World Social Forum in Tunis 2015. It is both a critique of the current concepts and institutions of education and a positive vision and showcase of lived practices of other educations and their transformative potentials.



Timo Holthoff (2015).

Interview with Bayo Akomolafe: How does the "single story of modernity" inform the "single story of education"? How could learning beyond that look like? … "You have to get lost to find your way home!" - Bayo's recommendations for educational activists are ittitating, refreshing and encouraring.


02:00 h



22.02 2019 um 20:00 Uhr